This Charter is a declaration of our mission, values and standards to organize National Film Awards, International Film Festival of India (IFFI) and other film festivals in the country. Our new initiatives take quality cinema beyond metro cities to provide entertainment to common people.


  1. National film Awards & Festival( NFF )
  2. International film festival of India ( IFFI )
  3. Participation in Foreign Film Festivals Abroad ( PFF )
  4. Cultural Exchange Programmes in India and Abroad(CEP)
  5. Selection of Indian Panorama Films
  6. Special Programmes
  7. Print Collection and Documentation
  8. Booking of Sirifort Auditorium Complex

Main Services

Sr. No.

Services/ Transation

Responsible person (Desi.)


Telephone No.













Head of Department

Sh. C. Senthil Rajan (Director),

011-26499371, 26499398

Overall incharge of Directorate of Film Festivals.



PFF (Asian Countries) & CEP, North-East States of India  and Western India States of India

Ms. Indrani Bose (Deputy Director),

011- 26499378

Proper application format is available on (sirifort booking). Application is to be deposited along with full payment.

After Director's approval confirmed booking is communicated to the parties.








Indian Panorama of IFFI, PFF (Australia and Africa) and CEP (Complete Northern, Northwestern, Eastern India and Central India States of India)

Ms. Tanu Rai (Deputy Director),

011- 26499386

Film Entries invited for selection of Feature and Non-Feature for the Indian Panorama.

Feature Film

Non Feature Film

Demand Draft

Demand Draft

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 2000/-



National Film Awards, International Film Festivals of India, General Administration (DFF, IFFI & Siri Fort), PFF (America and Canada) and CEP (All Southern States of India)

Sh. K. Prashant Kumar (Deputy Director - Admin),,,

011- 26499352

National Film Awards. The jury constituted by the Directorate decides the awards.

Feature Film

Non Feature Film

Best Writing on Cinema

Demand Draft

Demand Draft

Demand Draft

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 2000/-

Rs. 2000/-


All Matters pertaining to Accounts, Financial matter to Siri Fort, work of DDO, All matters pertaining to Siri Fort and Siri Fort Auditorium Booking.

Sh. Atul Kansra (Deputy Director - A/c's)

011- 26499354

Maintain the overall budget allocation of DFF for Plan and Non Plan and intimate to concerned officers about available funds in each scheme.

Sirifort Auditorium Booking

PO or DD(Cheque only from Govt./PSUs

Rate List is available on




Requirement of Service Standards


Success indicators

Time Taken

Data Source

Selection of films for National Film Awards

Average time taken from the date of receiving film entries

2-3 Months

DFF Records

International Film Festivals of India

Average time taken from the date of receiving film entries

2-3 Months

DFF Records

Sirifort Auditorium Booking

Average Time taken from the date of receiving applications.

2 Weeks

DFF Records

Grievance Redress Mechanism

Sr. No.

Name of the Public Grievance Officer

Landline Number

E mail


Ms. Indrani Bose, Deputy Director

011 26499378,



Shri Indrani Bose
Deputy Director
Directorate of Film Festivals
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
Sirifort Cultural Complex
August Kranti Marg
New Delhi-110049
Tele : 011-26499378
E mail -,

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The closing ceremony of the 1st BRICS Film Festival will be open to all. Audiences are advised to be seated in Audi I by 5:30 PM
On the spot delegate registration for 1st BRICS Film Festival also available.
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Sirifort Auditorium Booking
  • Terms of Hiring
  • Hire Charges
  • Details of Stagelight
  • Infrastructure Details
  • Graphical View of Booked Auditorium
  • Application Form
  • Sirifort Booking Inquiry
  • Sitting Plan for Audi-I at Sirfort Auditorium
  • Key Plan of Sirifort Auditorium
  • Key Plan of Sirifort Auditorium
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