Terms for Hiring of Auditorium of the
August Kranti Marg, New Delhi – 110 049


Telephone Nos:
Booking Office: 26499397
Siri Fort Auditorium
Civil Wing: 26493370 -AE (Civil)
Elect. Wing: 26493743-AE (Electrical)


  1. The Auditoriums will be available between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for morning session and between 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the evening session. With the prior permission of the Estate Manager the auditorium can be used as per Clause 9 even before 9 a.m. and after 10 p.m. but has to be vacated by Midnight in any case. No booking will be made for National holidays viz; 26th January, 15th August and 2nd October except in the case of Govt. departments.
  2. The Management reserves the right to cancel the allotment of the auditorium at any time without assigning any reason. No damage can be claimed by the hirer or any other persons for such cancellations what so ever. The Management reserves the right to refuse the booking of auditorium to any party without assigning any reason.
  1. The Auditorium shall be reserved on written request in the prescribed Performa only (Annexure 1)
  2. The hire charges for the auditoria and other accommodation are required to be paid in full and in advance along with the application for allotment.
  3. In addition to the hire charges, an additional amount equal to 5 0% of the hire charges or minimum Rs. 75,000 in case of Auditorium I and Rs. 15,000/- for Auditorium II, III and IV shall be deposited along with the application for reservation, as security deposit to cover damage to furniture, fittings, or loss of any kind caused by the hirer participants or otherwise. The amount of loss if any shall be determined by the Management, whose decision shall be final. If damage or losses are higher then the amount of security deposit, the balance shall be recoverable from the hirer.
  4. The hire charges and other charges must be paid by Bank Draft or Pay Order in favour of PAY & ACCOUNTS OFFICER (MS), MINSTRY OF INFORMATION AND BROADCASTING PAYABLE AT NEW DELHI. cheque will not be accepted for payment of hire charges or other dues except from Govt. Deptt./Organisations and Public Sector Undertakings. Formal receipts will be issued only on realization of the Bank Draft/Pay Order as the case may be.
  5. No booking will be considered confirmed unless the hire charges and other charges as mentioned above are actually received by the Management and communication about the booking issued by the Management to the hirer.


  1. (a). The hire charges of the auditorium and other connected accommodation will be as per schedule enclosed (Annexure II , III & IV)
    (b). The hire charges for rehearsal/Preparatory work will be the same as that of the original function.
  2. In case of any revision in the license fee (hire charges), the hirer shall have to pay the difference in advance. If higher hire charges are payable on the date for which the auditorium is booked and shall be entitled to the refund of the difference, if lower hire charges are applicable on the date for which the auditorium is booked.
  3. One extra hour is provided to the party to vacate the hall after the booking time.


  1. The schedule of cancellation charges is as per schedule (Annexure IV). The notice of cancellation in writing should be received by the Estate Manager (Directorate of Film Festivals)


  1. The schedule of postponement charges are as per scheduled (Annexure IV). The notice of postponement in writing should be received by the Estate Manager (Directorate of Film Festivals).


(1) The postponement will be permissible only to a date convenient to the Management provided full payment is made in advance
(2) No second postponement will be permissible

  1. “No Objection Certificate” from (i) DCP (Licensing) Police Station, Defense Colony, Near Moolchand Flyover (Copies of application Form and Affidavit are enclosed for submission at DCP (Lic.) Office for obtaining NOC – these application form and affidavit are to be deposited at the DCP(Lic) before 7 days of the function, (ii) Commissioner of Entertainment Tax Govt. of NCT Delhi L Block Vikas Bhawan ITO & (iii) DCP (South), Hauz Khas Police Station, (iv) DCP (Traffic), Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi – 110 001 as well as from (v) Ponographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) D-32, Ground Floor, Nizamuddin (East), New Delhi : 110 013 & (vi) Indian Performing Rights Societies (IPRS), B-317, Som Datt Chamber 1, 5 Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi110 066, have to be obtained and delivered in this office 3 days before the commencement of programme/show positively. Besides, in case of screening of films shows Payment of show tax has to be made to the Commercial Officer, Advertisement Section, 25th Floor, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Marg, Near Zakir Hussain College, New Delhi. 90 passes for management in OD row and O row, 66 seats from 1 to 66 in OD row and 24 seats in O row from 1 to 24 for Sirifort I as mentioned in the clause 2 of the terms & conditions of hiring should be made available/deposited in Directorate of Film Festivals at least 3 days before the commencement of the programme positively. The authorization/permission letter to use the Auditorium will be issued after submission/receipt of all the required NOC’s and fulfillment of other conditions as mentioned above.

    The organizers shall not issue ticket/invitation cards in excess of the seats available in the Auditorium and print prominently on the ticket/invitation cards the following: - “Entry to the SiriFort Auditorium will be closed as soon as the hall is full: Handbags, Camera, Pagers, Helmets,Eatables, Drinks (including water bottles), and Fire Arms are not allowed in side the Hall”.

    In the event of restrictions being imposed on account of security by the management of Sirifort Auditorium or any other authority having jurisdiction in the area on the working or movement of labor/material, the organizer shall strictly follow the same. The loss of time on the account, if any, shall have to be made by generating additional resources etc. General Security restrictions are given as under :-

    a) The organizer shall inform in advance about the number of vehicles entering the Sirifort Auditorium Complex along with their registration no.

    b) The movement of vehicles shall be regulated in accordance with the rules of the Auditorium.

    c) Stay of labor/workmen will not be allowed in the Auditorium beyond the permissible time limit.

    d) A list of material being brought inside the Auditorium along with a list of the workers/ additional security guards shall be made available to the AE(C) of the Auditorium in advance.

    e) As and when there will be security requirements, certain additional restriction(s) can be imposed as per requirement of the situation.

    f) The organizer shall be responsible for the behavior and conduct of his workers. No worker with doubtful integrity or having a bad record shall be engaged by the organizer.

    g) No other food supplier/caterer shall be permitted to operate/provide food, eatables etc., inside the Siri fort Complex other than the Caterer of Sirifort Cultural Complex engaged by this office.

    h) In case of more than one show, there must be a gap of 1+1/2 hrs. in between each show.

    i) It is also mandatory to deploy at least 4 traffic marshals at the Car Parking Area. For car parking, please submit 410 parking labels to this office out of which 400 will be returned back to you, duly stamped by this office, for your invitees. You are requested to ensure that these parking labels are issued to the limited persons along with their invitation/tickets.

    j) Please ensure to deploy somebody to man the inside gates to access and that nobody are allowed to take eatables etc. inside the Hall.

    k) If any Party is found to mislead the Govt. by taking a booking under Non-Commercial Show category in spite of having sponsors/donors/tickets (which means Commercial Cultural Show) or booking the Hall in Cultural Show category and participants or audience are students (which means school/college function) the booking will be cancelled forthwith, with no refund.

    l) In case of violation of any guidelines for hiring of the Sirifort Cultural Complex, your booking will be cancelled forthwith with no refund.

    m) The management reserves the right to cancel the allotment of the Auditorium at any time without assigning any reason. The hirer or any other person for such cancellation can claim no damage whatsoever. However, it may please be noted that if application for obtaining NOC from Addl.C.P.(Lic.) is not submitted before 7 days in advance from their bookings date, the Addl.C.P.(Lic.) reserves the right not to issue the Performance License without which programme cannot be allowed to be held at the Sirifort Complex.

    n) Cash donations are not allowed in the Siri Fort Auditorium Cultural Complex.

    o) The organizer is solely responsible for copy right violations, if any, made during the programme and shall give the undertaking to Directorate of Film Festivals before the programme.

    p) No equipment is allowed to be brought from outside for the programme.

  2. No party will be allowed to handle the auditoria property or fixtures without the consent of the Management. The party, hiring the auditorium shall be responsible for all losses/damages to any auditorium –property. The Management shall not be responsible for any losses damages to the properties kept in the auditorium premises.
  3. The shifting of furniture already provided in the auditorium is not permissible.
  4. No additions/alterations/erections, even of a temporary nature will be allowed in the premises, without the permission of the Estate Manager (DFF). No heavy equipments or machinery will be allowed on stage.
  5. No electrical appliances other than those already provided in the building will normally be allowed to be used. If extra appliances are considered essential they may be used with the prior permission of the Management and decision of the Management will be final and binding on the hirer.
  6. No inflammable material shall be allowed for performance either on the stage or in the auditorium or Green room etc. No open fire shall be allowed any where within the premises of the auditorium/complex or Green Room etc.
  7. No equipment or material posing fire hazard shall be used for storage in any place within the auditorium and the Directorate of Film Festivals shall have the right to review the same at the risk and cost of the hirer. The hirer shall be held responsible for any damage or loss to the auditorium in case of any mishap due to storage of such materials.
  8. Posters/banners/publicity material will be allowed by the Management to be displayed only at the specified places provided for the purposes and shall be removed by the hirer immediately after the show is over.
  9. No loud speakers shall be allowed in any part of the auditoriums premises without prior written permission of the Management.
  10. If any extra lights are desired a temporary electric connection must be obtained by the hirer.
  11. Selling of tickets, posting of ushers and management of entrance shall be arranged by the hirer. However, the security guard of the Management will be posted at the entrance gates and inside the auditorium foyers for the general security and safety of the premises. The Management also reserves the right to bar the entry of any person (s) or material within the premises of the auditorium foyers or green room etc. if the same are considered undesirable in public interest. The hirer shall ensure that tickets for the shows are not sold in excess of the auditorium capacity.
  12. No space meant for public circulation will be blocked.
  13. For easy flow of audiences all the entries /exit gates shall be used.
  14. The catering points may be used for soft drinks and snacks, but their preparation in complex shall in no case be permitted.
  15. Eatables and drinks are not allowed inside the auditorium
    It shall be the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that nobody takes drinks or eatables inside the auditorium. Full security deposit will be forfeited by the Management if drinks or eatables are taken inside the auditorium. For catering purpose the services of the approved contractor of DFF will be utilized. No other food supplier/caterer shall be permitted to operate /provided food, eatables etc. in side the Siri Fort Cultural Complex.
  16. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Auditorium Complex. The party hiring the auditorium shall ensure that this restriction is strictly observed.
  17. The maintenance and security staff of the DFF shall have free access to all parts of the auditorium/office space for performing of their duties without hindrance.
  18. Parking of vehicles will be allowed only with the permission of the Management in place earmarked for the purpose. Parking in VIP strip enclosed by the security fencing will however, be regulated by the Management. No vehicle will however, be allowed to be parked inside the Main gate of the auditorium.
  19. 98 passes for management in A row,OD row and O row,2 seats No. 30 & 31 in 'A' row 68 seats from 1 to 68 in OD row and 28 seats in O row from 1 to 28 for Sirifort I and 20 passes for each show for management for Hall 2 and 3 (seat number may be marked on each pass/ticket) should be made available in Directorate of Film Festivals at least three daysbefore the commencement of the programme positively.
  21. The exit time from the auditorium will be noted as per CCTV video recording. In case of the party fails to give signature at the time of vacation of auditorium, the party can come within three days of the programme for signature.Thereafter no claim of party will be entertained.



The Director,
Directorate of Film Festivals,
M/o Information & Broadcasting,
Siri Fort Cultural Complex
August Kranti Marg
New Delhi-110 049.

Subject: - Hiring of Siri Fort Auditorium-I, II ,III & IV 


We want to book the Auditorium_____ of Siri Fort Cultural Complex for our programme as details given below: -

(a) Name & Address of the Party:

PAN No. : Mobile/ Telephone No. :

(b) Date & Session i.e. Morning/Evening/Full day

(c) Type of programme i.e. Non Commercial/Commercial (Non-ticketed/No Donor Cards/ No Collection of Advertisements Through Brochures Etc.)

i) Is there any sponsored of the programme
ii) Entry by Invitation Cards/By tickets
iii) Receipt of fund from any source

(d) Exact Nature Of Function/Programme

(1) Cultural Show (Give the details Musical Concert/Dances etc.)
(2) Film Show
(3) Film Premier
(4) Conference/School/College Function
(5) Fashion Show
(6) Annual General Body Meeting etc.

(e) Whether Additional Space Required i.e.

(1) Green Room 1
(2) Green Room 2
(3) Backstage Lobby
(4) Front Foyar Lobby
(5) Stone Covered Area Single Side
(6) Stone Covered Area Both Side
(7) Video Projector(For Audi II,III,IV)
(8) No. of Extra hours _______ : From _______ to _______

(f) Details of VIP if any . to inaugurate the function i.e Hon. President/ Vice President or Hon. Prime Minister of India.

(g) Demand Draft/Pay Order No. _______________ dated____________ Bank/ Branch name __________________ amounting to Rs. _____________ on account of advance Hire Charges drawn in favour of Pay & Accounts Officer (MS) Ministry of I&B New Delhi is sent herewith/enclosed.

We undertake to abide by the terms and conditions (including revised rates if any for hiring of auditorium) governing the hiring of the Auditorium in toto and will maintain the decorum of the Auditorium Besides,we are also undertake not to bring any equipment from outside for our programme at Sirifort Auditorium as we are completely satisfied with the equipments being provided by the Sirifort Authorities.In case of any violation the booking may be cancelled without any notice.

Yours faithfully,

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