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Directorate of Film Festivals

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Government of India
Sirifort Auditorium Complex,
August Kranti Marg,
New Delhi- 110049

Fax : 91 11 26497214
Tel :  91 11 26499371
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Name Designation Telphone E-mail
Sh. C. Senthil Rajan Director

Tel Fax: +91 1126499371,
Sh. Mukesh Chand Private Secretary to Director

+91 1126499398

Sh.Rizwan Ahamd Deputy Director,
International Film Festival of India,Print Unit,Participation in Foreign Film Festivals(PFF)
+91 1126499356
Ms. Indrani Bose Deputy Director
(National film Awards)
+91 1126499378
Ms. Tanu Rai Deputy Director,
Indian Panorama & Hindi Officer
+91 1126499386 ,
Sh.K.Prashant Kumar Deputy Director
Administration,Cultural Exchange Programme(CEP)
+91 1126499352 ,
Sh. Hari Prakash Deputy Director
+91 1126499354  
Sh. Gautam Singh Booking Officer
(Srifort Auditorium)
+91 1126499397  
Sh.Ramesh Chandra Incharge,PrintUnit

+91 1126493089

What's New
Corrigendum to Tender for Hiring of Event Management Agency for 46th International Film Festival of India, Goa 2015.
Recce of the location for EMA for IFFI- 2015‏.
Corrigendum for Hiring of EMA for North East Film Festival.
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Event Management of North East Film Festival 2015 to be held from 21 st to 23rd August, 2015 in New Delhi
Corrigendum for EMA for IFFI 2015.
Corrigendum for Hiring of PR Agency.
Tender for Insurance of Films participating in the forthcoming International Film Festival of India 2015 to be held at Goa from 20th November to 30th November 2015.
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Event Management of International Film Festival Of India (IFFI), 2015 To Be Held From 20th To 30th November 2015 In Goa
Request for Proposal (RFP) from PR Agency for International Film Festival of India (IFFI), 2015 to be held from 20th to 30th November 2015 in Goa
Tender for hiring of International Courier Service 2015-16.
Hiring of Professionals for 46th IFFI 2015 on contract basis (Last date for receiving CV for Film Programmers, Interns, Festival Assistant, Office Assistants will be 17th June 2015 till 06:00 PM)
62nd National Film Festival 2015, May 4th - 13th, 2015, Sirifort Auditorium-II.
62nd National Film Awards 2014 - Announced.
Indian Panorama Film Festival from 31st January - 8th February, 2015.
Multi System Operators (MSOs) registration for Phase-III for DAS notified areas
Entries for 62th National Film Awards closed.
Indian Panorama 2014
Indian Panorama Regulations
Specifications For Sending Indian Panorama DCP's
Sirifort Auditorium Booking
  • Terms of Hiring
  • Details of Stagelight
  • Infrastructure Details
  • Graphical View of Booked Auditorium
  • Application Form
  • Sirifort Booking Inquiry
  • Sitting Plan for Audi-I at Sirfort Auditorium
  • Key Plan of Sirifort Auditorium
    62nd National Film Awards 2014 Ceremony
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