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Indian Panorama 2002

Films in the Indian Panorama continue to celebrate the best of cinema in India. The Indian Panorama has been a window to the latest films by the old masters and recent films by young filmmakers.

The features encompass Indian film forms in every style and cinematic language. The content covers the mosaic of subcontinental diversities, different cultures and traditions, and human situations. Some of the films also refer to global issues and their impact on ordinary individuals and lives. The extensive gamut stretches from Mrinal Sen's Aamar Bhuvan, Buddhadeb Dasgupta's Mando Meyer Upakhyan, Girish Kasaravalli's Dweepa to Farhan Akhtar's Dil Chahta Hai and Neelakanta's Show.

The non-feature films depict topical issues and human dilemmas. Goutam Ghose's Kalahandi studies drought in the Kalahandi region of Orissa. Tribal and environmental interests are mounted in Aribam Syam Sharma's The Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh. Bio-pics like Packirisamy's Teejan Bai and Prakash Jha's Sonal are homages to illustrious artistes. There is nostalgia for the Tagore family in Dasgupta's Jorasanko Thakurbari. Emotional sensitivities emerge in Sukumaran's Diary of a Housewife and Ashoke Vishwanathan's Anya Swapna.

All the films have been chosen by a selected jury of film makers, film critics and creative writers. I wish to thank Shri Sethumadhavan, Chairman of the Feature Film Jury and Shri K.K. Kapil, Chairman of the Non-Feature Film Jury, for the zeal and commitment with which they have led the two juries, to arrive at a consensus. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the jury members, who devoted their extremely valuable time to an earnest cause.

Deepak Sandhu


Directorate of Film Festivals


n feature films

Aamaar Bhuvan n Bengali n Director : Mrinal Sen 1

Atithi n Kannada n Director : P. Sheshadri 5

Baaja n Hindi n Director : A. K. Bir 9

Chandni Bar n Hindi n Director : Madhur Bhandarkar 12

Dany n Malayalam n Director : T.V. Chandran 17

Dil Chahta Hai n Hindi n Director : Farhan Akhtar 21

Dweepa n Kannada n Director : Girish Kasaravalli 25

Ekti Nadir Naam n Bengali n Director : Anup Singh 29

Hemanter Pakhi n Bengali n Director : Urmi Chakraborty 32

Jameela n Tamil n Director : Ponvannan 35

Kannathil Muthamittal n Tamil n Director : Mani Ratnam 38

Konikar Ramdhenu n Assamese n Director : Jahnu Barua 42

Magunira Shagada n Oriya n Director : Prafulla Mohanty 46

Manda Meyer Upakhyan n Bengali

n Director : Buddhadeb Dasgupta 48

Mitr My Friend n English n Director : Revathy (Asha Menon) 52

Nishad n Hindi n Director : Shaji N. Karun 55

Show n Telugu n Director : Neelakanta 60

Swaraaj n Hindi n Director : Anwar Jamal 64

Tiladaanam n Telugu n Director : K.N.T. Sastry 67

Vastupurush n Marathi n Director : Sumitra Bhave &

Sunil Sukthankar 71


n non-feature films

Aayeesha n Tamil n Director : B. Shivakumar 77

A Few Think I Know About Her n English

n Director : Anjali Punjabi 79

Anya Swapna n Bengali n Director : Ashoke Vishwanathan 82

Diary of a Housewife n Malayalam

n Director : Vinod Sukumaran 86

Jorasanko Thakurbari n English

n Director : Buddhadeb Dasgupta 88

Kalahandi n English n Director : Goutam Ghose 90

Kanavu Malayilekku n Malayalam n Director : M.G.Sasi 94

Mahane Mahane n Tamil n Director : Thamarai Senthur Pandy 97

Sonal n Hindi n Director : Prakash Jha 100

Teejan Bai n Hindi n Director : V. Packirisamy 103

The Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh n English

n Director : Aribam Syam Sharma 106

n film institutions

& agencies

Central Board of Film Certification 111

Children's Film Society, India 113

Films Division 115

National Film Development Corporation Ltd. 117

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute 120


Indian Panorama 2002

Feature Films Selection Panel

K.S. Sethu Madhavan


Nabyendu Chatterjee


Ali Raza


K.C.N. Chandrasekhar


Arun Kaul


K.S. Rama Rao


Rajeev Nath


Meera Diwan


Sanjeev Hazorika


Chitra Mudgal


Chitra Lakshmanan


Aruna Har Prasad


Hemen Das


Pradip Biswas


Ramesh H. Desai


J.L. Ralhan


K. Ibohal Sharma


K. Sampath


Prakash Dubey


 Sanjay Surkar


Pallavi Joshi