26th September, 2002
  SYNOPSIS Indian Panorama (Feature Film)


Konikar Ramdhenu

(Ride on the Rainbow)


Konikar Ramdhenu is the story of a childhood gone away. An imaginative and intelligent boy of all 11 has his life going horribly wrong, and is too young and powerless to do anything about it. Like hundreds and thousands of children from rural India he takes a train one fine day from his village and arrives on a railway platform without money and with no fixed address.

Here starts his long ordeal, which lands him to juvenile home. An understanding warden comes to his rescue and gets him released from juvenile home. The warden takes him to his village where alcoholic callous father and stepmother tell all the story. They ask money for handing over guardianship to warden. Warden takes him back juvenile home where he is working.


Jahnu Barua, FTEE Alumnus has produced and directed many short films before making feature films. He has so far made 9 feature films in Assamese. His films have won the National Award for the Best Film (Golden Lotus) in 1988 and several international recognitions including Grand Prix, Silver Leopard and World Ecuamenial Award at the Locarno International Film Festival, Best Film at Amien International Film Festival and Best of Asia at the Tokyo International Film Festival.