Details of Stage Light, Film Projection and Sound System at Auditorium-I/II/III/IV Siri Fort.

S. No.






Stage Light

  • Lighting control desk with 2048DMX channel & 4 independient DMX512 lines (Type Rajia 2048 Opera, Make SGm Italy)
  • 750 watt profile stage light (ADB Make) - 20 Nos
  • 1/1.2 KW condenser profile stage light (ADB Make) - 40 No.s
  • 1/1.2 KW P.C. spot light - 20 No.s
  • 1 KW FRESNAL stage light (Canara Make) - 46 No.s
  • 2 KW FRESNAL spot light (Canara Make) - 27 No.s
  • 1.0 KW PAR stage light - 61 No.s
  • XM 1200 moving head spot (DTS Italy)- 8No.s (6 No.s on UPS Supply)
  • XR 1200 color wash light (DTS Italy) - 15 No.s
  • LED PAR 348-16 No.s (On Cat walk)
  • LED moving Head fitting (Nick 600 WASH DTS ITALY Make) (On middle Truss)- 6 No.s
  • 1 KW par light ON UPS/INVERTER - 4 No.s
  • Follow spot lights - 2 No.s
  • There are 3 No.s Aluminium Motorised Truss at stage on which stage light have been fixed.
    NOTE: All the stage lighting system is on DG Set and approx. 150 Nos. stage lights can be used at a time as per requirement of the programme and all are focused from top, side & front.
  • 1 KW fresnal stage light – 6No.s
  • 1 KW Halogen stage light-3 No.s (DG)+3 No.s Normal
  • P.C. 1 KW -12 No.s (Top front)
  • 1 KW Halogen- 8 Nos. (Hall) (2 Nos. on DG backup)
  • 12 channel lighting console with electronic dimmer.
  • NOTE: Only 3 Nos. 1 KW fresnal stage light are on DG Set backup.
  • 1 KW Fresnal stage light – 8 Nos.
  • 8 channel lighting console
  • NOTE: All are connected on DG Set backup
  • 6 channel console-1 No.
  • Fresnal stage light – 1 KW(O wall)- 2 Nos.
  • 1 KW PAR – 6 Nos. ( On DG backup)
  • 2.

    Film Projection

    Film projector suitable for 35mm film & 16mm film along with Dolby Digital Sound System (On DG Set backup supply) 70mm film projector – 1 No.)

    Film projector suitable for 35mm & 16mm films with Dolby digital sound system (On DG Set backup supply) Film projector suitable for 35mm & 16mm films (On DG Set backup supply) Film projector suitable for 35mm & 16mm films with Dolby digital sound system (On DG Set backup supply)


    Film Screensize

    55” x 24’ (in feet approx.)

    38’ x 15’ (in feet approx.)

    23’ x 9’ (in feet approx.)

    21’ x 9’ (in feet approx.)


    Video Projection

    Not available

    Video Projector 7500 ANSI lumens

  • HD Bets cam player
  • DVD Player (On DG Set backup)>
  • Video Projector 5000(ANSI) with DVD, VHS and Beta Player, U matic Player (On DG backup) Video Projector 5000(ANSI) with DVD, VHS and Beta Player (On DG backup)


    Sound System

  • 64 channel mixing digital console Model SI-3 of Sound Craft Make.
  • 450 watt/sound speaker (Martin make)-6 Nos, Fixed in upper balcony (2+2) & lower balcony (1+1)
  • 800 watt speaker – 4 Nos.
  • 400 watt woofer- 4 Nos
  • Floor monitor (800w- each ) 4 Nos. Dual channel)
  • Microphone SM-58 SHURE- 20 Nos.
  • SIM – 57 SHURE Make (For special purpose)- 5 Nos.
  • ATM-25 (Audiotechmica)- 2 Nos.
  • MB – 2000- L.L.C. (Audiotechmica) - 4 Nos.
  • UHF Cordless mike (SHURE Make) - 2 Nos
  • Gooseneck microphone (Shure Make) – 4 Nos
  • Cordless UHF (2) AKG Make – 2 Nos
  • Vocal microphone AKG Make – 4 Nos
  • CD Player -1 No. (Tascam Make)
  • Line Array speaker (J.B.L.) Model 48882000 watt – 8 Nos.
  • Sub-woofer arrayable J.B.L. Model VT 4880 Dual – 4 Nos.
  • Sub-woofer (Ground stack) J.B.L. Make 7128 (In side column)- 2 Nos.
  • NOTE : Sound System is on DG Set & 15KVA UPS has also been provided for part of the Sound System
  • 16 channel sound mixer-I No. (Sound Craft make)
  • Microphone 4 Nos. Shure SM – 58
  • Sound Speaker – 2 Nos. (400W each)
  • Cordless Mic. – 2 Nos.
  • Stage monitor – 2 Nos. (175W each)
  • (Sound System in on DG Set)
  • 12 channel sound mixer-I No.
  • Microphone 3 Nos.
  • Sound Speaker – 2 Nos. (150W each)
  • No Stage monitor
  • 04 Mic may given
  • Cordless Mic 1 No.(Shure Make)
  • (Sound System in on DG Set)
  • 12 channel sound mixer(allon & health make)cassette deck player
  • JBL Speaker – 2 Nos. (400 W each)
  • Microphone SM 58-4 Nos
  • Podium mic-4 nos. . Cordless Mic 1 No.(Shure Make)
  • (Sound System in on DG Set)
  • 6.

    LCD Walls

    2 Nos. LCD wall of size 120” fixed in main foyer 2No.s(65”) LCD walls outside ticket counter and fire control room to run approved module or Auditorium Programme can also be run on request of the organizer.

    LCD Wall of 65” in the foyer is available for module/to run the programme of auditorium    


    Curtain System

    These are 3 Nos. Motorised curtain on Stage

    2 Nos. Motorised curtain 1 No Motorised curtain 1 No Motorised curtain


    Back drop Bar

    There is one back drop bar on the stage on which back drop upto 100kg weight can be hanged.



    Scanner M/c

    2 Nos. Baggage scanner M/c have been provided at gateNo 2 & 4 to check the Material/bags brought inside the Auditorium premises.



    DG SetBackup

    There are total 4 Nos. DG Set to provide backup for all the four auditoriums of rating:- 500KVA – 1 No. (For AC Plant) 380/250KVA – (For General Lighting AHU, Sound System, Projection System) 250KVA – 1 No. for Stage Light

    1. DG Set can be booked for unintrupted supply to run the programme on DG Set since it take about 30-40 seconds in case of power failure from BSES otherwise General backup is there.
    2. DG Set booking charges to run the programme on DG Set are Rs. 15,000/- Plus Service Tax per shift per generator which can be booked minimum three days in advance from the date of programme by organizer.

    Other Information: -

    Conversion of Practice Hall taken up by CCW in 1991 and pratice hall was converted into Auditorium-II, after carrying out certain interior work in the hall and same was inaugurated by then Minister of I & B on 22.12.92.

    Remarks: -

    1. Additional information regarding above service can be had from JE (E)/AE(E) Siri Fort Auditorium.
    2. All Auditoriums are air-conditioned.
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