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Renting the Siri Fort Auditorium


There are four auditoria in the Siri Fort Auditorium Complex which is categorized as Auditorium I, Auditorium II, Auditorium III & Auditorium IV.  The seating capacity of Siri Fort Auditorium is as under:-

Auditorium I- 1865

Auditorium II – 396

Auditorium III – 276

Auditorium IV -65

The rate list for hiring, cancellation and postponement of above auditoria are attached herewith.  DFF is taking the booking under the following categories:

  1. Cultural Show Non-commercial
  2. Cultural Show Commercial
  3. Cinema Show(Film Premiers)
  4. Cinema Show(Ordinary)
  5. Fashion Show
  6. School College Functions
  7. Annual General Body Meeting/Conference
  1. The auditorium will be available for the morning session between 9am to 3 pm and for the evening session between 4 pm to 10 pm only. With the prior permission the auditorium can be used before 9 AM or after 10 PM by paying additional charges as per rate card for extra hoursand in any case the auditorium should be vacated by midnight. In the national holiday i.e., on 26th January, 15th August and 2ndOctober, there will be no booking except for the matters of Government Departments.
  2. The management will have the right to cancel the allotment of the auditorium at any time without assigning any reason. In such a case, no claim can be made by the client who is renting or any other person for any damage caused by cancellation of the allocation. The management has the right to refuse any bookings of the auditorium without any reason.


  1. The auditorium will be reserved only on the request in the prescribed format (Annexure-1) for offline/on-line booking.
    Clients can book the Auditorium on-line as per the details given below:-
  2. Under the head Siri Fort Bookings, the clients  have to open the link application form and have  to registered themselves and create user ID password to login
  3. Payment is made on-line through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking towards payment for hire charges, GST & Security Deposit.  The amount is automatically calculated and payment is done on-line’
  4. It is mandatory to upload PAN/Aadhaar/Passport/Election card who books the auditorium

  5. Once the payment is done the details of payment and the booking details is accessed by DFF and is approved in three stages as below:  a) InchargeSiri Fort (b) Dy. Director, DFF (c) Director, DFF.
  6. Post on-line approval the booking letter is auto generated and sent to the client.
  7. Based on the booking letter client has to obtain the NOC from ACP (Licensing) which has to be done on-line
    a)Thereafter the client has to submit NOC from the office of Addl. Commissioner of Police (Licensing).
  8. Based on the NOC issued from the Office of the Licensing Deptt. , and the permission/undertaking from the client stating they will be responsible for depositing the GST and they are liable to any issues  regarding violation of copyrights and intellectual property rights act. DFF issues final confirmation letter to the clients with a copy to AE(Civil) & AE(Elect.), CCW, Siri Fort Auditorium.
  9. Once the booking letter is sent to CCW the following responsibilities/activities are managed by CCW Civil and Electrical Wing.

CCW Civil Wing

  1. Security arrangements
  2. Gate Pass for the material and the vehicles
  3. Ensuring of smooth entry and exit of the guests as per the booking schedule
  4. Managing VIP movements
  5. Managing the entry/parking of vehicles within Siri Fort Auditorium
  6. Supervising the number of marshals/ushers/security guards for managing the programme and parking  by the clients
  7. Maintenance of cleanliness and housekeeping of the venue
  8. Ambulance services(011-71500500/102/E-mail:

CCW Elect. Wing

  1. Ensuring proper lightings/ air conditioning/DG Set
  2. Supervising sound and light system
  3. Supervising projector/screen
  4. Fire services
  5. Any other work related to electrical wing.

Responsible persons:- 

  1. Booking Incharge  for initial booking process which includes supervision of payment in Bharatkosh, GST, Security Deposit refund-(M-9958688696/26499397(O)
  2. Issues Relating to Online booking/Payment(M-7828609589)
  3. AE(Civil), CCW, Siri Fort Auditorium as mentioned above-9868950501(M)/26493370(O). 
  4. AE(Elect.), CCW, Siri Fort Auditorium as mentioned above-(M)9868449127/9650162997/26493743(O)
  5. Deputy Director, DFF – 26499354/26499386(O)
  6. Overall Incharge Director, DFF-26499371/26499398

  3  After the programme clientshould apply for security refund along with security refund form and cancelled cheque.  On the basis of NOC issued by AE© & AE (Elect.), CCW, Siri Fort Auditorium DFF shall process the case for  refund of security deposit.  In case of any damages or extra hours the amount will be deducted from the security deposit as per prescribed rates and refund is directly transferred to the client’s account.

          4  After the completion of the event the client has to submit the claim in the prescribed format along with cancelled chequeregarding security refund within one week to enable management to process the security refund.           No security refundclaim shall be entertained after 30 days from the date of event.

5 It is necessary to pay the full amount in advance with the application for allotment to rent the auditorium and other facilities.

6.  Siri Fort Auditorium can be booked on-line from 15thday onwards and up to six  months(182 days) in advance through our website subject to availability.

In case the client desires to book Siri Fort Auditorium for any date before the 15th day, they may apply for the same offline after taking confirmation from this office regarding availability for the date of booking and submit an application form (Annexure I) along with the receipt of requisite amount deposited in

Payment in may be made under the following heads (In case the booking is within 15 days): -

Ministry - Information and Broadcasting

Purpose - Hire Charges to be deposited under Hire charges of Siri Fort Auditorium

GST to be deposited in GST on Hire Charges of Siri Fort Auditorium

Security Deposit - Security Deposit in r/o booking of Siri Fort Auditorium

7. In addition to the rent fee, 50% of the rental amountfor auditorium-I or minimum of Rs. 90,000/-whichever is higher has to be paid towards security deposit. With respect to Aud. II,III& IV 50% of the rental or minimum of Rs. 18,000 / - has to be paid as security deposit.   If any loss is found by the management, the decision of the management will be considered final for the amount of damage. If loss or damage is greater than the amount of security deposit, the outstanding amount will be recovered from the client.

Rental Fee

  1. (A). The rent fee for the auditorium and other related facilities may be in accordance with the attached schedule (Annexure I, II, III and IV).(B). For the rehearsal / preparation work, the rent will be as much as the original ceremony

  2. For any modification in the license fee (hire fee), the tenant has to pay the difference in advance.
  3. If the booking is made in advance and the revised rates are applicable on the day of actual booking the difference amount has to be paid by the client before the programme.
  4. After the booking time, the party is given one hour extra to clear the hall.

Cancellation/postponement Charge 

  1. Schedule of cancellation fee is as per schedule (Annexure-V). Notice of cancellation in writing must be received by the Management (Directorate of Film Festivals).

Note :

  • The postponement will only be accepted by the Management on the convenient available date and the full payment of differential amount is made in advance.
  • The second postponement will not be accepted


General Terms For Rent 

  1. (i) On-line NOC to be obtained from DCP (Licensing) Police Station, Defence Colony, near Moolchand Flyover –( for Cultural programme/school function/Conference/Seminar/AGM/Fashion Show/Prayer meeting etc. under the category CASUAL PERFORMANCE LICENSE. For film shows contact in person DCP(Licensing) Office(ii) PhonographicPerformance Ltd. (PPL) D-32, Surface, Nizamuddin (East), New Delhi and (iii)  Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS), B-317, SomDutt, Chamber 1, 5, BhikajiCamaPlace, New Delhi.

  2. In addition, in the case of public exhibition of the film show, exhibition tax has to be paid  to Commercial Officer, advertisement section, 25th floor, Civic Centre Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Marg, Near ZakirHussain College, New Delhi. 
  3. To avoid the damages of Siri Fort property by the public, all the clients to adhere to the programme timings/schedule to facilitate the guests and any deviations causing inconvenient to the guests will lead to penalty and shall be recovered from the security deposit
  4. Client have to submit/upload  copy of Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar Card/Driving License

  5. The organizer shall provide 98 passes for each show for Auditorium I & for management  as mentioned below:


  1. A row - 2 seats  No. 30 & 31
  2. O row – 31seats No. 19 to 49
  3. OD row -33 seats No. 19 to 51
  4. L row – 32 seats No. 19 to 50
  5. 20 Passes for Aud. II,III

Note :

The client should submit the passes, no objection certificates, undertaking & minute to minute programme at least three working days before the commencement of the programme positively failing which the authorization/permission letter for use of auditorium will not be issued by the Management.

6 .The organizer will not issue more tickets / invitations to the seats available in the auditorium and will print specially on the invitation letter - "The entry for the Siri Fort auditorium will be closed after the hall if full.  Handbags, camera, helmets, food items, drinks (including water bottles) and any kind of fire machine is not allowed in the hall ".

7. Disclosures on the invitation/ticket-The client who is booking the auditorium to disclose mandatorily (1) ticket Sl. No. (2) date of programe(3)timing of the programme(4)contact number of the person responsible during the show on-line and off-line(5) Siri Fort auditorium route map on reverse of the Invitation/ticket

8. In view of safety of Siri Fort Auditorium, general security restrictions are shown below: -

  1. The organizer will inform the number of vehicles entering the Siri Fort Auditorium premises with their registration number in advance

  2.  The movement of vehicles will be regulated according to the auditorium's rules

  3. The  workers will not be allowed to stay in the auditorium after the permitted limit.

  4. A list of material being brought inside the auditorium with a list of additional security guards will be made available to the AE(Civil), CCW, Siri Fort Auditorium of the auditorium in advance.

  5. Due to security reasons additional restrictions can be imposed according to the situation.

  6. The organizer will be responsible for the behavior and operation of its workers. Any worker with suspicious integrity or poor record will not be employed by the organizer.


In the event of more than one display (show), there is a gap of 60 to 90 minutes hour between each show (show).

h )  In the event of more than one display (show), there is a gap of 1 + 1/2 hour between each show (show).In the car parking area / auditorium, it is also mandatory to deploy traffic marshals / ushers as instructed by DCP (Licensing) . 

i )One person to be deployed at the entry gate along with the security personnel to supervise that no food item including water bottles is allowed inside the auditorium.

 j) If it is found that any party has taken the booking under the category of non-commercial (show) in spite of having sponsors / donors /  or booking of auditorium in commercial category and the participants or viewers are students (meaning school / university program),  the booking will be canceled and the rental amount and the security deposit shall be forfeited and shall be liable to be blacklisted for future bookings.

k) In case of violation of any direction, for booking Siri Fort cultural premises, your booking will be cancelled immediately without any refund. Any client found guilty of misconduct/not adhering to terms and conditions of Siri Fort auditorium shall be black listed and no bookings shall be given in future.

l) The Management reserves the right to cancel the allotment of the auditorium at any time without assigning any reason. The tenant or any other person cannot claim for the damage caused by such cancellation. 

m) Cash donations are not allowed in the Siri Fort Auditorium Cultural Complex

n)The organizer is solely responsible for copy right violations, if any, made during the programme and shall give the undertaking to Directorate of Film Festivals before the programme.

o) The programmer is not allowed to bring any equipment from outside.

9. Without the consent of the management, no party will be allowed to control the auditorium property or stationary material. Any party that is hiring the auditorium will be responsible for all damages / indemnity of property. Management will not be responsible for any loss / indemnity of property held in the auditorium premises.

10.Transfer of furniture already available in the auditorium is not allowed.

11. Temporary amendments / changes / construction will not be allowed in the premises.  On the platform, heavy equipment or machinery will not be allowed to be brought.

12. In addition to the equipment already available in the building, it will not be allowed to bring other electrical appliances but generally the use of available equipment will be allowed. If additional equipment is considered compulsory then they can be used(sole responsibility will be of the client if any failure of the equipment) with prior permission of the Management and the decision of the management will be final and binding on the client.

13. Any flammable material will not be allowed to be displayed on the stage nor in the auditorium or in the green room etc. Open fire demonstrations will not be allowed anywhere inside the premises of the auditorium / premises or the green room etc.

14. Any place within the auditorium will not be used for storage of any equipment or posing fire hazard material and the Management is entitled to review the risk and the cost of the client. In case of any accident caused by the storage of any such material, the client will be responsible for any damage or damage done in the auditorium

15. The poster / banner / promotional material will be allowed to be displayed on the specified spot only for this purpose by the management committee and removed by the tenant immediately after the expiry of the show (show).

16. Speakers of any loud voice will not be allowed in any part of the auditorium premises without the prior written permission of the management.

17. Any additional light is subject to terms and conditions in consultation with electrical wing of CCW.

18. Sales of tickets, appointment of gatekeeper and management of entrance will be arranged by the client . However, the security personnel of the management will be appointed within the entrance gate and auditorium foyer (foyer) for the safety of general security and complexes. The right to prohibit the entry of any person (s) or material within the premises of the fare or green room etc. shall also be protected by the management, if it is considered undesirable in the public interest. The client should ensure that the tickets of the exhibition (show) are not sold more than the capacity of the auditorium.

19. No location will be blocked for public circulation.

20. All entry / exit doors will be used for easy flow of viewers.

21. Catering points can be used for soft drinks and snacks

22. Foods and beverages will not be allowed inside the auditorium(including water bottles).

It will be the responsibility of the client to ensure that no one should take drink or food items inside the auditorium. If the drink or food material is taken within the auditorium, then the full security deposit amount will be seized by the auditorium. The services of the DFF's approved contractor will be used for the purpose of catering. No other food suppliers / caterers will be allowed to provide food items etc. within the Siri Fort cultural complex.


23. Smoking is prohibited in the auditorium premises. The party renting the auditorium should ensure that these restrictions are strictly adhered to.


24. Management of DFF and security personnel can come freely in any part of the auditorium / office to comply with their duties without interruption.

25. Parking of vehicles will be allowed only on the prescribed place for this purpose, with the permission of the management.  However, parking in the VIP strip (stripe) attached with safety fencing will be run by the management. Any vehicle will not be allowed to stand within the main gate of the auditorium without prior permission.

26. The time of exit from the auditorium will be checked through CCTV video recording. If in any case the party fails to sign the log sheet/registerbefore leaving/vacating the premises, then the party can come for signing within three days of the program. After this, no claim from the party will be considered and the time recorded by AE (Civil & Elect.) Wing will be treated as final.


Any disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi and competent authority of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting shall be sole arbitrator and the decision shall be final and binding on both the parties.